The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships Review

The Boys are back in Town

It’s been a while, maybe too long some might say, but the Manchester quartet are here again with their third Studio Album. The Rock/Pop Band have been quite vocal on the topics of romance and drugs over the years, having massive success from their previous Albums. Two Years on, has much changed?

One of the most anticipated albums of 2018 – ABIIOR is finally here. The 1975 have been away from the spotlight for the last two years, with front man Matty Healy confirming the news of releasing this album, way back in April of 2017.  Initially the album was going to be called “Music for Cars”, marking the end of an era of some sort. Instead, ABIIOR alongside “Notes on a Conditional Form”, another album which is set to be released May next year, are both dubbed to be part of this era which is coming to an end, under the previous third album name of “Music for Cars”. I’m going to say this straight off the bat, having listened to this Album a good few times, The 1975 have brought back some similarities from their older stuff, but have definitely experimented and tested out new ways of creating their current work.

May 2018. The World got a first glimpse of what to expect this year with The 1975. “Give Yourself a Try”, the first of five singles to be released, prior to ABIIOR’s release. The video itself opens with Matty going through a counselling session, likely referencing his problems which he’s faced with Drugs over the years. Having openly admitted his addiction for the use of a number of substances in the Media, references cropping up from previous albums too, this certainly looks to be a part in Healy’s life in which Drugs have been given the middle finger and is now looking to a much brighter future, both with the band and personally. The song, predominantly composing of a strong guitar rift over the course of three minutes, with the emphasis of keeping the song at an upbeat, funky style, attempts to connect with the listener about the struggles of Life. Healy, 29, is no different to you and I, problems of his own, maybe much worse than the majority of us, shows you shouldn’t give up hope, even at the darkest of days.

Setting the tone for the next coming months and for the remainder of the fifteen track Album, “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME”, potentially their most upbeat single, arriving in the Summer, couldn’t have come at a better time. A real Summer feel about it, a Song that in and of itself is a Drug and certainly hard for you to stop keep coming back for more. According to Matt, he believes that this has the biggest potential, dedicating this particular piece of work about unfaithful relationships (not for the first time in their career). Reminiscent with previous success like “Chocolate”, added in with a more “blue-sy” theme and with a sprinkle of funk, here and there, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a very “Chocolate-esque” hit, that to date, is still one of their most popular records and helped give us an understanding, of what The 1975 is all about.

Having listened to the initial five releases, before the Album dropped in late November 2018, the song that really catched my attention on both, name and from first impressions, sounding very similar to Coldplay’s “Talk”, albeit at a slower pace, “Inside Your Mind” touches on the deeper side of relationships, and toys with the idea of wanting to see what your partner is really thinking, “are they really meaning what they’re saying?”, “do they really love me?”, are just some questions that could be asked, surrounding where one’s love life, really stands. A lot of the time, people tend to hide what they’re really thinking, and that could come down to a number of reasons, but the tone of the song accompanied with the brilliant thought behind the lyrics, make this something that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the band. Overall, the experimenting has paid off on this one. Making it possible, to again explore the idea of love on a more deep and emotional level, combined with the backing of, slow, sad tempos. “Inside Your Mind” truly gives us a feel that Love isn’t always what you would like it to be, there is going to be pain and disappointment that is attached with true love, whoever that may be. Final word – underrated.

ABIIOR is quite the roller coaster. I’ve been a big fan of The 1975 since their earlier stuff, having stumbled on them accidentally on iTunes, and fell in love quickly. They’ve not necessarily disappointed this time round, although I like the majority of the songs from this Album, there are some that I’m not a big fan of, including “The Man Who Married A Robot/Love Theme”. With the help of Siri, narrating the story of a Man who fell in love with the Internet and how it can be weird and wonderful at times, it just doesn’t feel right. I get the whole concept, linking back to the Album name, trying something different again, the modern World that we live in, but it’s weird and not a good weird either, or maybe it’s just me? Nevertheless, the meaning really brings home how the Internet can be. Truly is a mix of emotions.

Overall, the fifteen track Album is balanced and very well thought out. It seems like every emotion plays a part at some point. 2019 will see them headlining at Reading and Leeds Festival, with another Album reportedly on its way in May too, the band can’t seem to do wrong currently. Heading in a completely different direction, but still sticking to their roots in the process, The 1975 get a big thumbs up this time round with this masterpiece. Definitely looking forward to what the future holds for the four of them, certainly a bright one at that.  

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